Zoom Livestream Group Classes with Jill Everett


  • Monday        11 am    GMT   Power Yoga Flows -all levels 


  • Tuesday       10 am    GMT   Hatha Yoga Flows- all levels  

                            11 am    GMT   Power Pilates Mat - all level             

  • Wednesday   9 am    GMT   Cardio Core Plus/HIIT class - all levels

  • Thursday     10 am    GMT   Sculpt Strong - all levels                                                                                                          

  • Friday          12 noon GMT   Hatha Yoga Flows & Inversions - all levels

  • Saturday      11 am    GMT   Hatha Yoga Basics - all levels


Private classes are available online -1:1 ,Duets and small groups

All classes are live, or can be viewed at later date.

45 minutes , cost is £10 per class. Please book via the button below

About Master Trainer Jill Everett

  • Certified Pilates Instructor - Classical and Contemporary

  • Certified Yoga Instructor- Kali Ray TriYoga, Sivananda Yoga, Affiliated Anusara Yoga

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Accredited Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement Practitioner

  • Certified in Pre and Post-Natal Yoga, Pilates/Exercise

  • Certified in Injury Rehab and Pilates and Yoga Exercise for Seniors

  • Distance Runner

  • Certified Vegan Nutritionist and Vegan/Raw Chef 


  • Quality Ageing Expert -Stay healthy and live a full life  in your later years.

  • Transformational Coach - Michael Neil's 3 Principles Trainings and Sharon Wilson's Coaching from Spirit graduate 'Spiritualpreneur'

  • Richard Bandler Certified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

  • Essential Oils Therapist


Hello London

Introductory Offer! 


Your first private class  is 50%  off when you take a private class before April 30th!

Let's get started!
07388 839719


Event Schedule


Dawn P   NYC   5 stars

Jill is a master at pilates and yoga instruction and nutrition. She uses an approach that is unique to each client as no two people are ever alike in terms of their exercise and nutrition goals. She has changed my body and perspective on nutrition for life.

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Class Packages

A Healthier New You

The most popular starter package. 8 weeks of Intense Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellbeing. Awaken the real you with this essential survive and thrive package!

Natural and Non-Toxic Healthy Pregnancy

30 weeks- Take care of you and baby...eat your best, exercise, prep for birth,de-stress. Includes Nutritional Assessment Meal Planning, Food Prep Class, Personal Training, Coaching, Birth Prep Workshop.

Reclaim Your Body Postnatal Package

12 weeks - Moms & babies enjoy baby massage &  interactive exercise classes together. De-stress, recover, tone, build strength, bond with baby, enjoy family yoga , learn more about Nutrition & Food Prep, and  eat well. Beautiful!

Less is More Weight Release Package

12 weeks - Nutritional Health Assessment, Delicious and Nutritious Healthy Meal Plans, Supplements, Herbs, Food Prep classes and Nutritional education, Personal Training Sessions, Coaching, Results Tracking.

           Detox Me Now

8 weeks -  Nutritional Assessment, Lifestyle Assessment, Healthy Home Assessment, De-Stress practices, Coaching, Healthy Meal Plans, Herbs, Supplements, Food Prep lessons, Personal Training sessions, Infrared saunas, Colonics.

            Learn To Run

8 weeks -  Learn to run comfortably, and with more ease. Running bio-mechanics classes, Running Form study, outdoor Running Sessions, Video analysis of your Running Form, Cross Training exercise sessions, Nutritional Assessment,Healthy Meal Plans.

            Quality Ageing

12 weeks - Quality Ageing theory class, Personal Training, Bodywork sessions, Nutritional Assessment,  prescribed Nutritious Meal Plans and supplements,Coaching and Introduction to meditation ,facials , body wraps and other spa treatments to look and feel your best. 

Training Session Class Packs

Class packs of 11 or 24 one hour Private sessions, or Duet sessions for 2 are available for purchase, as are single classes and a discounted first class. Senior rate discounts  are available for anyone 65 and over, and children's rates are available for 18 and unders. Community classes available.

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